About - Karen Louise Downing
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Karen Louise Downing

Mind & Soul Healer

I am passionate about facilitating change, assisting one to transform their lives, let go of past experiences and challenges. Come to that place of peace and freedom within.

Rapid Transformational Therapy & hypnosis is a fast and effective process facilitating phenomenal transformation.

Theta Healing is a gentle healing, allowing one to move through challenges easily, gracefully while feeling safe and feeling loved.

I coach individuals to realign, rediscover their potential while expanding their creativity and building stability where they are inspired.

To show up in life more powerfully, confidently, energized, while empowering individuals to achieve goals with clarity and wisdom.

RTT & Theta Healing is a unique opportunity to change whatever you want to change, at its core.

Trust yourself enough to build stability where you are inspired, expand into your creativity, expand your potential, feeling fulfilled, accomplished and successful.

Consciously choose to invest in yourself, creating real lasting success in all areas of your life.

I’m based in South Africa facilitating clients worldwide in transforming their lives.

Freedom isn't a destination its a state of mindZen Proverb