Karen's Essential Healing - Karen Louise Downing
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Mind & SoulHealing

Karen Louise Downing

Having gone through my own challenges, the greatest gift was learning to listen to my intuition, understand and acknowledge my feelings. You reach a beautiful state of detachment & love; the love you feel is pure love.

One of our challenges in life is to successfully communicate and connect within ourselves to truly understand what is causing an internal struggle. It is easy to remain optimistic, however you could be suffering from; repressed and suppressed negative feelings. When negative feelings and experiences are not resolved as they occur, they remain very much “living” in your physical auric field. The effects of these feelings will become evident in your relationships and evident in your mental and emotional well-being.

These feelings have to manifest themselves sooner or later. These feelings determine our emotional reactions and experiences in life. They are unconscious and hidden from us.
When one experiences these internal struggles, negative thought patterns, anxiety, depression, stress to name a few, it is your body’s way of communicating with you.
Your subconscious mind has all the answers.
Most people have a deep desire and are searching for peace of mind and the ability to truly love and be unconditionally loved.

First and for most honor & love yourself always.

Be undeniably comfortable with who you are, with your values.
Move to a place of acceptance in your life. Bring joy, happiness and that beautiful balance back into your life.
Put your heart and soul into everything you do and live in the present moment EVERYDAY.

Live your life consciously, create real and lasting successful relationships, in all areas of your life.

Respond to every call that exites your spiritRumi